Yoga Studio

Serenity Yoga provides more than forty classes and workshops. It offers a comprehensive yoga programs created to assist the mind and body in adapting to the ever-changing environment we live in. Weekly classes range from gentle restorative to vigorous exercises.

Online Fashion Store

Brandname Fashion offers great deals from major names in the fashion industry, including (but not limited to) Burberry, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Chanel, D&G, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren, True Religion, Versace, A&F, Armani, Tommy Hilfiger, Cristian Audigier… and many more.

Smart Home Automation Company

Go Smart Automation is a premier installer of new automation technologies, primarily serving the Greater Toronto Area. Go Smart Automation provides the latest in technological innovations in one of the most trending and fast-growing fields on the market.

Networth I.T. Integration Services

Based in Toronto, the Networth I.T. group is a team of highly skilled industry professionals with years of experience in network design, telecommunications, MAC & PC repair, data backup & recovery. In business for over 20 years, Netwirth I.T. have the knowledge and experience to deliver fast, efficient and reliable solutions, which add value to client’$ Net-worth.

Commercial Property Management

AGA Group is a group of private companies specializing in investments in commercial and residential facilities and summer residences. All purchased facilities are closely examined by our company prior to purchasing in order to determine any potential mistakes in maintenance and management by the previous owner.

Canaan Transportation Group

Canaan Transport Group Inc. is a fully integrated, all-inclusive transportation solution for firms seeking freight forwarding, supply chain management, logistics, import/export transportation, and business services. With our headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, we are well positioned to handle all transport needs to and from Asia, Europe, the USA, and other global locations.

Fine Jewellery

Designed with the uttermost care for details and meticulous approach towards perfection, Orosergio’s jewellery are only the finest quality pieces that will stay with you for the years to come. Orosergio works with only the best materials, including platinum, all karats of gold in every color possible, and genuine conflict-free diamonds and precious stones.

Airport Shuttle Services

Airport Shuttle Services was specifically created with customers in mind. The company takes pride in being on time, providing excellent and courteous service and impeccably maintained cars in order to ensure a smooth ride for their customers.

Digital Photograhy Photostock

Elegant and concise web design is key in the highly competitive field of photography websites. With that in mind, Web Engine developed a website that is elegant, light, concise and ‘straight to the point.’

Fashion Boutique

Komok is a consignment fashion boutique that carries products by the best brand names in the fashion industry at affordable prices. It is a new consignment shopping destination located in North York that sells exclusive, high quality apparel.

Home Renovation

Dizati is well known for its commitment high quality standards, workmanship, fair pricing, attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction. Dizati will always go the extra mile to help its clients and is always committed to providing a superior renovation experience.

International Shipping Co.

As a global leader in Shopping and Shipping Services, the SwiftPac network has an international reach spanning the USA, Caribbean, and strong alliances with reputable partners in the United Kingdom and Asia, offering reliable, cost-effective logistics services worldwide.

WorldPro Security Solutions

Since 2000, WorldPro Security Systems has delivered advanced technology solutions that reduce risk, protect people and properties. WorldPro Security Systems designs, builds and maintains secure technology systems to meet extensive clients’ needs. The company goal is to be the most trusted safety and security provider.

Art Studio

With a variety of techniques and mediums, Sasha Efgrafov has created magnetic pieces of art that seem to contain a language of their own. The artist’s drawings, encaustics and paintings have found their way into prominent galleries across the globe.

Clairvoyance Services

Clairvoyance is possible in a heightened state of awareness. Saint Paul called it “serenity that leads to clarity”. Buddhism calls it “satori”, Chi-Gung – ‘state of chi-gung’. Mystic Path provides the bridge between heightened awareness and everyday world.

Nwave – Smart Metering Platform

NWave is a leading provider of network solutions, hardware and software for the IoT and M2M communications, based around its ultra narrow-band communications protocol operating in license-exempt ISM spectrum.

Krystal Housekeeping

Krystal Housekeeping Services is recognized by its highly skilled, experienced and reliable staff. KHS staff are professionally trained and fully insured to deliver exceptional quality home and office cleaning.

Nuare Studio

Nuare Studio is a team of great professional artists and illustrators working in video-game and movie industry for years. Founded in 2006, Nuare Studio worked with many great studios and companies from around the world, including Microsoft, DC Comics, Capcom, and many others.

Dr. Jamie C. Farquhar – Canadian Psychological Association

Dr. Jamie C. Farquhar, Ph.D., C.Psych., is a registered psychologist with the College of Psychologists of Ontario. Dr. Farquhar completed his training at institutions accredited by the Canadian and American Psychological Associations.

Drevodesigns – Online Woodcraft Art Store

Drevo Designs is a family business that creates luxuriant, high-grade household wood wall decorations, which are not only exclusive, but one of a kind.

Flower Salon

Luda Flower Salon floral designers consist of a mother/daughter duo, who have an eye for unique and innovate floral designs that are not only beautiful, but make a statement. Each order that comes in results in handcrafted arrangements that will go above and beyond customer’s expectations.

Italian Restaurant

La Vecchia is an upscale Venetian restaurant serving national Italian food and assortment of exquisite wines served from the restaurant cellar.

Travel Guide

Jacktotheworld is a travel guide company, certified by TICO and associated with Callacutt Travel.